Today, I am going to talk about the success story of the famous social media app, Instagram

The best feature that makes this app much popular is that you can add filters to the photo you are sharing that makes your photo looks more good and lovely
You can also add location to your photo. These were some features of Instagram, which you will definitely know if you use Instagram
The creators of Instagram are Kevin Systrom and Mike Kriege. The creators of Instagram launched Instagram on 16/July/2010. The name of Instagram have been made by mixing instant camera and telegram (Insta of Instant camera and gram of Telegram). On 6 October 2010,instagram app was shared on apple Store for ios users and after 2 years later, Instagram was published on Google Play store for Android users. In these 2 years break, Instagram had becamed too famous between users that on the first day, it got 1 million downloads that was very surprising for apps of those times. Mark Zuckerberg in 2012, Mark buyed Instagram in 1 Billion dollars. 11 years ago (present 2021) Instagram was launched but is still famous and favorite app of people. The Instagram app is being more developed to suit the needs of people. Since its launch in October 2010, Instagram has seen a meteoric rise to 1 billion active users, making it one of the top 6 social networks worldwide.