When someone has shortened his link via cutt.ly, it is difficult to check where will take you. To check where a url shortened with cutt.ly takes you, follow these steps that I will tell in today's post. 

Cutt.ly/The best url shortner

For example, I will tell you that this link, if you click on it will redirect you to google.com.The link is https://cutt.ly/mbbSa6j . You will not be redirected to google.com. This is what sometimes hackers do to hack your phone. They shorten a link and then send it to you saying that it will open google website or Facebook but in real, it does not! 

To check where a link shortened with cutt.ly takes you, copy that link. After that paste it in your browser but before visiting it, add @ to the link. It will show you where in real this site may take you. You can try it here. The real link is https://cutt.ly/mbbSa6j and it does not show you where it takes you. Now try clicking https://cutt.ly/mbbSa6j@

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