A few days ago, A malware named "Joker" was found in some apps.

 Because,Play Store is the largest app store, taking action against these apps was very necessary. Google removed 8 apps with joker malware to stop upcoming users from downloading it. However, Google can't save you if you yourself doesn't uninstall these apps if you have them in your mobile. Check out the apps and uninstall them right now to save your mobile from it. 

Auxilliary Message

Fast Message Sms

Free CamScanner

Super Message

Element Scanner

Go Messages

Travel Wallpapers

Super Sms

You can use Google Messages Or your system messages app instead of Auxilliary Message

You can use Google Messages Or your system messages app instead of Fast Message Sms

You can use B612 Or Snapchat or any other photo and video capturing and editing app instead of Free CamScanner

Use Google Message instead of Super Message,Go Messages and Super Sms

Use other apps instead of these apps to avoid your mobile from getting this Malware

As per IndianExpress.com "The Joker malware steals money from users by subscribing them to paid subscriptions without their consent. It first simulates interaction with ads without users' knowledge and then steals the victim's SMS messages including OTP to authenticate payments. Joker trojan has found its way to Google Play store once again."

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