An unwanted guest - little fun on Aeroeleib

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Yesterday, Late at night our door bell rang up. My father opened the door. A tall with a good physique was standing in the entrance door.
After a brief conversation, my father led him in. He introduced the man as XYZ Sharma. He was my father's classmate. He clarified that he had come here to meet her old aunt but has forgotten her address
I was surprised to see her eating. He was a glutton. He ate five eggs, ten chapatis, drank two glass of milk, ate about a kg of apples. We all were watching the faces of one another and were helpless at the same time. He made a number of calls without any hesitation.
Only in the morning when he received a phone call, he decided to go back home. We all heaved a deep sigh of relief when he left.

Physique:Body Structure, the form, size, and development of a person's body.
Clarified:Made it clear, make (a statement or situation) less confused and more comprehensible.
Glutton:One who eats too much, a person who eats and drinks excessively or voraciously.
Watching:Looking at
Hesitation:Showing a sign of uncertainty
Relief:Peace, Rest