Do you know who Gabriel Weinberg is? He is the founder of worlds famous and secure browser, DuckDuck Go.

DuckDuck Go

DuckDuck Go is a browser which allows you to search without sharing your data with other website like Google does. It takes care of your privacy by not sharing your data. Gabriel Weinberg has even created a second version of duck duck go, which does not show the cookie notice.  Duck duck Go has even created it's new feature, Email Protection Beta. You can even save your data anonymously. Gabriel Weinberg was born on 1 January 1979. DuckDuckGo search is completely anonymous, in line with duck duck go's strict privacy policy. Each time you search on DuckDuckGo, you have a blank search history, as if you've never been there before. They simply don't store anything that can tie searches to you personally. Duck duck go was launched on September 25, 2008 and it is still active in 2021. It works like any other browser but there is one difference! They don't store your data and it makes a lot of difference.