GB Whatsapp-Whatsapp warns users! 


GB WhatsApp is an app that is the clone of Real WhatsApp but has more features. The reason why people use it is simple that people think that this app is better than real WhatsApp as it has more features. Some features of GB WhatsApp is auto-reply, send more photos, get more themes, download status, filter messages and much more. GB WhatsApp has everything that is expected from Real WhatsApp. 

But... But... But... Your account may get banned permanently if you use WhatsApp. WhatsApp warns users to not to use any other WhatsApp except real WhatsApp available on Play Store. “Don't try to bulk message, auto-message or auto-dial using WhatsApp. WhatsApp uses both machine learning technology and reports from users to detect and ban accounts sending unwanted messages. This includes the systematic contacting of users in ways they may not want. Also, don't create accounts or groups in unauthorized or automated ways, or use modified versions of WhatsApp.”

The GB WhatsApp is not available on Play Store but still some apk sites have accepted this app and allowing users to download it from there site. An Alert! This app can also access your messages or data even if it says it is end to end encrypted.