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No Ads video uploading platform

YouTube is the best video sharing and watching platform but not everyone consider it as the best. They want a platform with more features like no ads, downloading any video including music for free, playing a video in background for free etc. But wait!!! Make sure before you create a no ad video platform, you already have a way to monetize user videos and creators upload videos on those platforms where they can earn money


Subscription based cartoon

Make a new Netflix app but not containing drama or movies but only cartoons. This will be useful for those people who want to watch cartoon that are banned in their country. Make sure your app contains all the cartoons of all languages. You can add more features like parents control, pay per watch, bedtime reminder, break reminder, study time blocker, parents history, parents data (How much time does your child watch cartoons, How much time of break does he takes, How many cartoons he watched today, yesterday or on a specific date, How many cartoons did he/she watch this month, Which cartoons does he/she watches the most


QR code scanner

QR code scanner is a common apo but create something new. Your QR code scanner app should be unique. Add more features like QR code creator, Direct business or company reviews checker, Link to share this QR code etc.

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Shopping app

A more secure, trusted, more features, less price shopping app that does what it says, that delivers what it shows and does not do fraud