How to create forms in GOOGLE BLOGGER? Today, In this post we are going to try answering this question.

What is the meaning of creating forms in blogger?

It means that we will add a form in posts or anywhere on the website. This can be used for many reasons. Some of the reasons are Survey, Quiz, Feedback, Subscribe to newsletter emails etc.

Can we create forms in blogger?

It depends on what type of forms you make. First of all understand that blogger has not yet got the feature of form or newsletter subscribe form widget (The old feedburner widget was stopped) so there is no option to create a form inside of blogger without using 3rd party websites. However, You can add a contact us form that blogger allow adding without 3rd party integration but that can't be customized.

Two types of forms

We will divide forms in two groups. 1st is data collection form and second is newsletter form. Data collection form is used to collect data mentioned above i.e Quiz, Survey and Feedback etc. You can use form creators like Google forms, Typerform, Jotforms etc. Google form is best as there is no limit in data submission. Unlimited submissions, Unlimited questions, Unlimited answers. Timer can also be added (Post will be uploaded soon on aeroeleib) so you can use it. As for jotform and typerform, there is a limit in submissions and features. You have to pay monthly or annually to unlock all items. Advantage of using jotform and typerform is that you will get many features when upgraded to paid plan as compared to Google forms. Google forms have no plans and all the features are free

Newsletter form

For that, you have lot of platforms. Most recommended by people is MailChimp. However, I tried to use MailChimp and found it difficult to use. So I recommend using Mailmunch. You can use MailChimp, Mailmunch, Feedio, etc.


The conclusion is that it is possible to add forms in blogger website using 3rd party tools. Both data collection forms and newsletter forms can be created.

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