What makes a browser good?

Not just searching, a browser needs some other features too!

Nagivation Button. Your browser needs some nagivation button. Some button are refresh buttons used to refresh page, home button to directly visit browser homepage, stop button to stop a website loading. Stop button is must as if sometimes users visit a malware affected site, this button is used to stop the loading of the website and any redirect of a website. Address bar is used to type the website you want to visit. Voice input to search or visit a website without typing but with voice.

Tabbed browsing:Tabbed browsing is used to visit many sites at a same time you want. It allows you to visit second tab and come back to first tab.

Bookmarks:Bookmarks are used to save a website address or search results to find it fast later. In chrome, you only need to open chrome and then choose bookmarks option.

Speed:Users need a browser which works fast, maybe 3x fast. This helps them to visit a website fast and save time.

Compatibility:Your browser should be able to load any type of content the web page wants to load. Any means ANY

Security:This is a must feature of a browser and can never be ignored. Make sure your browser is safe and secure as well as private

Password:Let users save their passwords in your browser. Make sure the password feature is save and secure too! Make sure no one even your team can't access that password

Sync:Allow users to sync content across devices. It means that information (History, Passwords and bookmarks etc) should be accessible from any device that has same account signed in in which these data is saved

Dark mode:To make sure your users get best experience at night too, add dark mode to your browser

Browser:Let users choose different search engines to use in your browser.

Some fun and news:Add some fun e.g Fun, News and Entertainment etc. This will be used when the user has nothing to do

Translate:Let users translate a website to their own language. Add a language translator like chrome

Offline Fun:Let users play games or have some fun when their internet is down as chrome does. It starts the dino game when you don't have internet. Make sure your users dont need to install any other app to play game.

These were some features your browser must have.