Google Play Store VS Apk downloader websites on Internet ;Comparison

Pathum Danthanarayana on Unsplash

Google Play Store is an official App Store for Android phones. Play Store comes with an in built app scannner AKA Play Protect which scans apps installed in your mobile. All apps on Google Play Store are scanned. Team scans app many times before uploading it on Store. Everyone trusts Google App Store. Google Play Store also installs the app itself after downloading it on mobile. Different from Google Play Store, Apk downloader websites e.g Apkpure etc. are not trusted. Malware can effect our phone if the app we download from those sites contains a malware. Some websites also share malware claiming to be a popular or famous app. Aeroeleib don't recommend downloading Apps from those sites. Download apps from the trusted source, Google Play Store

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