Do you want to follow websites to get reminded when they upload new post? Read this guide you will ever need

Is it Secure? 

Yes, it is secure. However, This feature is still being tested by Google Team so if you use it now, it's on your own responsibility. 

 Has this feature been introduced to all? 

No. It has not been introduced to all so you won't see the follow option without enabling it yourself. 

How to enable the Follow option? 

Open the chrome app. Type chrome://flags in the search barbar. Type web feed in the search flags bar.

 Then click Default button and then click enabled and then click relaunch. 

Your chrome app will close and then open. You will see that a follow button will appear when you visit a website

Click follow to follow a website. Your followed websites will appear at home page, in the following tab. 
Additional Note:To follow a website, visit a website and then open the Chrome menu. The follow button will appear there. 

Will Chrome notify me of new posts? 
No, it will not. However you can check it in the following tab yourself. 

How do chrome recognise new posts? 
Chrome uses RSS feeds to recognise new posts from a website.