I moved from google drive to sync for sharing files - Here's my experience you must surely read. I was in search of a better platform than Google Drive. So I explored the internet and then came across😔. As per internet, it was a good platform. I thought to give it a try. I successfully signed up for sync. Those days, I was planning to share some apps with premium unlocked for free as a gift for my site users (Users don't have to pay for premium, premium would have been already unlocked). This was a gift for the people who visit my site. The file was in .Apk format. I was all set, excluding shared platform. I installed sync app and then logged in. Then I uploaded app with premium unlocked (I will not mention names here hint: It was a video editor, name ending with r, consists of 13 letters without space and 14 letters with a space). The upload process started in background. I was happy (It didn't last long 😭😭😭). Till 15-16 minutes, it was showing me uploading and then after 15 minutes, it showed me an error. 

I tried again and again after 15 mintes, An internal error occurred!

The thing I did next was dragging sync to uninstall section and click ok.