In today's post,i am going to show you how you can enhance your experience on WhatsApp. So if you want to enhance your experience on WhatsApp,Read this post till end

1. Dark mode:If you use WhatsApp at night,this step is for you.
Open WhatsApp
Click the three dots on the top right
Click settings
Click Chats
Then Click Theme
Click dark and your WhatsApp will be changed to Dark. To change it back to Light mode,follow the same steps and at the last step,click Light insead of Dark

2. Status Download:Status is a well known feature of WhatsApp. Surely,if you see statuses,you may have taken secreenshot of a photo or text. You can take a secreenshot of a photo or text but can you save video in your mobile from a status? Yes you can. Follow these steps
Download the status downloader from Google Play Store
Open the status downloader and then after you see any status,it gets saved to the app. After fully seeing the status you want to download,open the downloader app and then open the status and click download and it will be saved to Gallery. Download from here

3: Status mute:Do you want to hide someone's status? Yes you can without downloading any app.
Open WhatsApp and click status
Then find the person whom status you have to hide
Open the status
Click the three dots and click mute
The chat will be hidden

4. Archive Hider: In the latest update,the archive Chats remained on the top of WhatsApp and many people wanted to take it back to its old place. Follow these steps to take the archive section back to the bottom
Open WhatsApp
Archive a chat if you haven't already
Click the archive section that remains on the top
Click the three dots and then click archive setting
Click the Keep Chats archived to toggle it off
Archived gone!

5: Sticker Making:Use "Sticker maker - Make sticker for WhatsApp sticker" app to create stickers for WhatsApp. You can create stickers for Your WhatsApp and send it to many users. You can export the stickers to WhatsApp. You can add texts and images to the sticker. Download the app from here