Google Play Store Alternatives

 Would you like to try some app stores other than Google Play Store? Check out this list of App Stores

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Why Google Play Store is Recommended and Best rated app store? 

Google Play Store has 3.48 million apps on it. Because of this huge number of apps, Google Play Store is the largest and common app store. Play Store is also the oldest app store to be created ever. It was also added as a system application in Android Phones. People who used Android phone started to use Google app store. Number of users of Google Play Store increased because off this. 

What are the alternatives of Google Play store? 

Apple App Store:Apple App Store created by Apple team is a good and common alternative of Play Store. It also have many apps but not more than Google App Store. The main cause why developers don't usually publish their application in this store because it costs a lot to publish on Apple Store. $99 for every app

Amazon App Store:Amazon App Store is also a popular apo store. Other than being the best alternative to Play Store, It is also free to publish on Amazon App Store that's why mostly developers who can't pay the fees of Play Store or Apple Store (Play Store costs $25 one-time fees and Apple App Store costs $99 each time developer wants to publish an app) publish their app on Amazon App Store. You can find more than 695.7k apps on it. You can also find amazing apps on it

Moddroid:If seen from one view, moddroid is not an app store. But because it has apps in it, It can be called an app store. Moddroid is an app store where premium apps are available for free. Every premium feature would be unlocked if you download an app from Moddroid, you wont have to pay for premium features

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