How to play games without downloading?

 Are you out of storage but want to play games? Or You want to play serveral games in low storage? Here is how to do it! 


1:Google Play Games:Google Play games is the most popular, common, secure and full of games application. You don't need to create an account in Google Play Games. As you see in the name, This application is owned by Google so you don't have to create another account. With just one click, you can connect your Google account with your Play App. 


•Few games are offline

•All games are free

•More than 20 LAKHS GAMES available


•Easy to use


Similar App- Alternative: Games Center

2.Web:There are many websites that allows you to play games online without sign up and free. Pogo is also a website that allows you to play games online


•Playing games online is free and easy (Some websites may provide this for paid) 

Similar App - Alternative:Application instead of Web

Important:Some websites may not be secure and can steal your information. Make sure you know how to keep your information secure before you play games online. 

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