Joker virus is back - Alert

 Joker virus is back, Be Alert! 

Remember the joker virus and the apps that were affected by it? The joker virus is back again and has been hiding in these 14 apps. 

To know more about Joker Malware, Refer to this post:The 'Joker' Virus: Everything You Need To Know on Android Headlines

Here are the new apps found with the malware that Android users need to delete from their phones immediately:

Super-Click VPN

Volume Boosting Hearing Aid

Battery Charging Animation Bubble Effects

Flashlight Flash Alert on Call

Easy PDF Scanner

Smart TV Remote

Halloween Coloring

Classic Emoji Keyboard

Volume Booster Louder Sound Equalizer

Super Hero-Effect

Battery Charging Animation Wallpaper

Dazzling Keyboard

EmojiOne Keyboard

Now QRCode Scan

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