Some apps to make your life easier!

 Here are some apps to make your life easier and smarter.

Truecaller:A common application that allows you to check the name of a number. Just type the number you want to know the name of. Then click enter. The name of the owner will be flashed


•Check number

•Premium members can type the name and get the number (If they want) 

•Caller Id

•Premium members get golden caller id

•Check if the person you want to call is on another call or not without them knowing

Similar App - Alternative:Showcaller

2:Amazon App Store:Many developers are there who develop apps and softwares but aren't able to publish it on Google Play Store or Apple App Store because of the fees (Google Play needs devlopers to pay one time $25 fees and Apple App Store needs developers needs to pay $99 each time they want to publish an app). These types of Developers publish apps and softwares on free app stores like Amazon App Store. 


•Many million apps are available in Amazon App Store

•Publishing on Amazon App Store or Downloading from Amazon App Store is completely free (Excluding developers who themselves haven't set their app as free

•Downloading is easy and fast

Similar App - Alternative: Google App Store, Apple App Store is a website where premium apps are available for free or Premium Unlocked apps. For e.g If you download Truecaller from Moddroid, then you won't need to pay for premium. The premium will be already unlocked without Paying. Another example is that if you download kinemaster from Moddroid, you won't have to pay to unlock premium or remove watermark


•The best feature is that you won't have to pay for premium

•Many apps available

•Moddroid doesn't charge even 1 Rupees for that work but only show some ads

Similar Apps -

4:Google Drive:Is your files more than your storage? Don't worry. Use Google Drive. You can store your files in Google Drive and remove them from your device. Google Drive stores it in your account. 


•Stores your files securely

•15GB storage is free


•Easy to use

•Access your files anywhere from any device

Similar App - TeraBox

5.TeraBox:Is your files more than 15GB? If it is, then use terabox. It gives you more than 200GB storage from free. It is also free and secure 


•Better than Drive

•200GB is free




•Access From Anywhere and Any time

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